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trip with conference in middle

trip with conference in middle

I plan to come to Japan for a conference in Toyama. I would arrive at Tokyo Narita, spend 5 days in Tokyo, then go to jigokudani snow monkey park for a day, then to Toyama for the conference. I would stay 6 days in Toyama. Then I would go to the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area for a week, then back to Tokyo to fly home. Is a JR pass worthwhile?


Hello there,

Let's have a look at ticket prices to find out.

Narita Airport - Tokyo ¥ 3,220
Tokyo - Jigokudani (to Nagano station with the Shinkansen) ¥ 8,400
Nagano - Toyama ¥ 5,900
Toyama - Kyoto ¥ 8,180
Kyoto - Osaka ¥ 560
Osaka - Kobe ¥ 410
Kobe - Tokyo ¥ 14,880
Tokyo - Narita Airport ¥ 3,220

For a total of ¥ 47,990. I tried to find to best way to match a JR Pass to your itinerary and would advise a 14 day JR Pass. It would be used best from when you leave Tokyo to Nagano/Jigokudani and then back to Tokyo/Narita Airport. This would allow you to cover all expansive travel. The 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 46,390 and thus around the same price as normal tickets. However the big advantage the JR Pass offers is that it is your one ticket for all travel, also it allows for unlimited travel during the two week period and you could take any train you like, or add in a day trip from Kansai to Himeji or even Hiroshima.

Hope this helps,

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