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Trip planning help

Hi there

We need to be in Koyasan on the 27th of october and in Takayama on the 1st of November.

Is it possible to visit these cities in between:
Okayama, Kurashiki and Onomichi

What is the best route to visit all of these places on the JR pass?



Hi Matt,

It feels a bit busy to include all these places, especially going down to Nagasaki adds a lot of travel time.

I think you could do Okayama, Kurashiki and even Onomichi in a single day if you plan it well. Or combine one of those places with a visit Himeji. Then do one or two days in Hiroshima, especially if you want to include Miyajima as well.

From Hiroshima it is already 5 hours to Takayama, it will be around 8 if you come from Nagasaki. If you do want to include Nagasaki, then I would suggest starting there and making your way up to Hiroshima and the other cities.

Hope this helps!

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