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trip around japan

Trip around Japan

Hi there,

My friend and I are visiting Japan at the end of April and we're unsure whether it would be a good idea to get a one week or two week Japan rail pass. Could you help?

We'll be travelling to the following places during our trip:

First week (15/04 to 21/04) - Tokyo, including a day trip to Yudanaka and possibly a trip to Koganei one afternoon

Second week (21/04 to 01/05) - trip around the country, including trains from:
- Tokyo to Okayama - Okayama to Hiroshima (via Okayama) - Hiroshima to Osaka - Osaka to Kobe - Osaka to Nara - Osaka to Kyoto - Kyoto to Tokyo

We thought it might be more economical for us to get a 14 day pass which would cover our day trips to Yudanaka and Koganei from Tokyo in the first week and all the travelling across the country in the second week. What would you recommend?

Thank you,

H & A


Hi there,

I would also recommend a 14 day JR Pass, you will do so much travel in week 2 that there alone you will save more than the cost of a 14 day JR Pass. Travel to Yudanaka is not covered all the way but you can use the Shinkansen from Tokyo - Nagano (which is 8,000yen for one way) and you'll still make very good savings. From Nagano a private line runs to Yudanaka.

The rest looks great, the JR Pass is also useful for travel in Tokyo, as many local lines are included. Think of the JR Yamanote loop line and the JR Chuo (central) line.

Hope this helps,

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