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travelling from tokyo to sapporo to takarazuka

Travelling from Tokyo to Sapporo to Takarazuka

I'm planning on travelling to Japan from Late Jan to Mid-Feb in 2016.
On the 1st Feb I'll be travelling from Tokyo to Sapporo using a JR Pass. This is my travel route:

-Tokyo Station to Shin-aomori station (via JR Tohoku Shinkansen – Hayabusa 31) [3.5 hours] -Shin Aomori Station Hakodate Station (via JR S.Hakucho limited express) [2 hours] -Hakodate Station to Sapporo Station (via JR S.Hokuto limited express) [3.5 hours]

I intend to do the same route back (5th Feb), departing Sapporo at around 2-4PM depending.
However on the same day, would like to go to Takarazuka Station/Osaka Station (Hopefully arriving in the morning),
Will this be possible? Also what are the ideal times to ride trains if you have luggage? (To avoid heavy crowds)

Please help me check my travel route and thank you very much for your responses in advance. :)


Hi there,

That is quite a ride, it is possible for sure but you will be spending a full day in the train. Also keep in mind that there are no trains after midnight, so you may have to take an earlier train from Sapporo.

The route you are traveling basically is one long route and there is not much variation possible.

Hope this helps,

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