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traveling in japan

Traveling in Japan


I am planning on traveling in Japan between March 23rd to March 31st, both arriving and leaving from Narita airport in the late afternoon. My initial Itinerary as follow:

23rd and 24th in Tokyo
25th in Kyoto
26th in Kobe, spending the night at Arima Onsen
27th half a day in Arima then head to Osaka
28th in Osaka
29th in Tokyo and Yokohama
30th day trip to Nikko
31st half a day in Shinjuku, then go to airport.

My question is should I leave Osaka on the 28th evening or 29th morning to go back to Tokyo?
Thank you for your help!!


Hi there,

It's a really good itinerary, even though your time in Japan is limited you are able to see a lot this way!

For your question:
It is about 3h18min from Osaka to Kyoto, I don't think it matters that much when you go. Personally I would go on the 29th so I could leave my luggage at my accommodation when exploring Tokyo/Yokohama. If you stay at a Hotel you could take a train from Osaka around 19.00 and arrive around 22.20 in Tokyo, if you stay at a hostel maybe an hour earlier is better.

Hope this helps!

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