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traveling from tokyo-- mt. fuji--kyoto---tokyo

Traveling From Tokyo-- Mt. Fuji--Kyoto---Tokyo

Hi would love any most see places in any of these areas! Will be spending exactly 2 days in each city (4 in Tokyo at 2 different times.) I'm a huge food person so would love to know about great restaurants!

Roppongi, Tokyo 2 days

five lakes one night , then climbing Mt. Fuji staying the night at a lodge 3 hours from 5th station

2 Nights in Miyako, Kyoto

then back to Tokyo staying 2 nights in Shinjuku

Thank you for all your help, and tips. I can't wait for this exciting adventure!


Hi there!

Looks like a great plan, climbing Fuji is a great experience and certainly recommended!

As for food recommendations:

If you love Yakitori visit Kushiwakamaru in Meguro. I could not find a direct link but you can find it in Google maps.

An other recommendation is to try Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Both Tokyo and Osaka have their own variations on Okonomiyaki, I would suggest trying it out in both places and see the difference.

I would also recommend trying CoCo Ichiba Curry you can find them all through Japan and they serve very good Japanese Curry.

Have a great time in Japan!

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