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traveling for the first time to japan!!

traveling for the first time to Japan!!

I will be traveling to Japan next month (Sept 18) I'm thinking to buy the JR Pass for 7 days, my question, does work to travel from Narita airport to Nippori station ? where my hotel will be near by

And I will like to visit kamakura and continue go to see Fuji mountain ( half day), and continue to Nara, Osaka and Kyoto and back to Tokyo, it's possible to do all this in 7 days?.

maybe 2 days Tokyo

        1          kamakura
        1          Nara
        1          Osaka
        1          Kyoto


please help me the best way possible to do all.


Hi there!

You can use the JR Pass to travel from Narita Airport - Nippori, no problem at all! It would also cover the majority of your other travel (except for part of the way to Fuji-san).

I think that most of your plan would work out well, the only part I am worried about is doing both Fuji and Kamakura in one day. I would limit your visit to either one but not both, travel to Fuji will take over 2 hours alone for one way. I do know that you can combine Kamakura and Yokohama in one day if you really want to go all out but sticking with on place is probably best.

I hope this helps!

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