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Travel and Rail Pass

We are travelling to Japan from New Zealand on May 1st 2015. At the moment I am trying to create an itinerary for our 15 day visit.

We will spend the first 6 days in Tokyo. We will leave Tokyo on 7 May and I am thinking of the following itinerary travelling by train and I am wondering if it will be better to get a 7 day rail pass.

Tokyo to Kanazawa - 3 nights

Kanazawa to Nagano - 2 nights

Nagano to Matsumoto - 2 nights

Matsumoto to Odawara where we will spend 2 nights exploring Hakone before leaving for Narita to fly back home.

A seven day pass would start on leaving Tokyo and expire in Odawara.

Can a rail pass be used on any other transport within the places that we will spend time in and would it be better to get a 7 day rail pass or single tickets.


central Kanazawa, central Nagano, central Matsumoto are not big enough, so the main stations can satisfy almost all local needs as the central gateway to the city centre.

For example, you can ride JR train from JR Matsumoto to JR Kita Matsumoto station(the closest station to the castle, 140yen) with JR Pass, but that is nothing, compared to JR Pass price.

Anyway, 7 day JR Pass pays off. So go for it.

BTW, I didn't find Kyoto or Nara in your itinerary. Well, everything is up to you, but it is like skipping Paris when visiting France.


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