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transportation for 9 days in japan

Transportation for 9 Days in Japan


My friends and I are visiting Japan for 9 days. We are arriving via Narita Airport and staying near the Otsuka Station when in Tokyo. We are staying in Tokyo for 7 days, then staying in Kyoto for 2 days, then heading back to Haneda Airport from Kyoto for our flight home. We were thinking of getting the 7 day JR Pass and activate it on our third day in Tokyo so that we can use it to going to Kyoto and Kyoto-Haneda. What options of passes do we have for our first two days in Tokyo? We have to make it in Tokyo from Narita and use railway to go around Tokyo before we activate our JR passes 2 days later? Hope it all makes sense. Looking forward for all your help. Thanks


Hi there,

I agree with using a 7 day JR Pass from day 3-9, this would be the best use of a JR Pass.

For arrival at Narita Airport, you could look at a Keisei + Metro ticket deal. This gives you good value and can add up to a nice amount of savings.


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