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Train timetable


End of October I planing three-week trip to Japan.

Approximate plan is as follows:
Tokyo 1-2 days
Train to Sapporo. Sapporo 2-3 days and the around
Sapporo-Nagano 3-4 days Japosnke alps. (Takayama, Shirakawe-go...)
Kyoto 4-5 days. Kyoto around
Himeji- Hiroshima and Miyajima
Can anyone recommend some place or, playground, which is worth a visit? I'm also a big fan of photography and I am interesting for photo corners. I also love trekking. I will be very glad to any advice, something was still worthwhile
What you may be seeing in Saporu and surrounding areas by public transport?

On page Hyperdia I'm a little check train timetables. Here I am a little confused, because I do not know which trains can use with JR Pass.
I checked the train route from Tokyo to Sapporo. For JR pass there si not any fest train. all trains spend all day:
Tokyo 9.08 Sapporo 21:57...
14.20- 6.07 Sapporo.
I hope, I watch right or timetables for my train.... also, there so night trains. How is sleeping on Japan trains? There is enough space for someone who has longer legs?

Thank you all for the help and advice



Hi Zee,

Going from Sapporo - Tokyo in one go is a long trip and takes 9.5hours. With the JR Pass you can even use the super fast Hayabusa Shinkansen. Some people decide to fly to Hokkaido in order to save time, although the JR Pass is by far the most economic way for getting there.

There are unfortunately limited to no night services any more in Japan, so you'll have to travel by day.

For some recommended visits, have a look at this itinerary:

Hope this helps!

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Respectfully, using the JR Pass to go from Tokyo to Sapporo is not the most economical at all. You can take a low cost carrier for as low as ¥4,190 yen one way, which is a small fraction of the Pass. That said, there are actually quite a number of good places in between, and using a Pass to see a number of them on the way up or back would make a very nice adventurous trip.


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