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tokyo>mt fuji>kyoto>osaka>tokyo

Tokyo>Mt Fuji>Kyoto>Osaka>Tokyo

I'd like to get some feedback on my itinerary which is:

Day1: Arrive to tokyo Narita airport (stay one night at khaosan world asakusa)
Day2: Mt Fuji also start of JR pass(would like to know where is it easily accesible with a JR pass and that we can also enjoy the view of mt fuji)
Day3-Day5: Kyoto (and surroundings, any recommendations?)
Day6-Day8: Osaka (and surroundings, any suggestions?) leave for Tokyo at night of Day8
Day9-Day14: Tokyo (and surroundings, any suggestions?)

We want to get a 7day JR pass and start using it on Day2 to Day8.

We are going in late-may and ending in early june

Thank you! :D


Hello there,

Using a JR Pass from day 2-8 sounds good to me as well! In Kyoto I would recommend a visit to Arashiyama, walk the bamboo groves and see the monkey park. A visit to Fushimi Inari is also something I would not miss on any visit to Kyoto.

Other places I would suggest a visit to Kyomizudera temple.

For Osaka, a quick list would be Namba, Shinsai Bashi, Umeda and Umeda sky building, Shinsekai and Universal studio.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the suggestions!

I'd also like to know if the JR pass works inside Tokyo, since we will be staying there for about 6 days, and want to go to odaiba, Daikoku Futo, Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, Tokyo tower, ghibli museum, akihabara, shinjuku, harajuku, takoyaki museum and possibly a few other places. Can we use the JR pass for those days or is it easier to get around by metro/bus?



Hi again!

The JR Pass covers the JR network in Tokyo full map here. Some places can't be accessed by JR alone and need additional transport such as Odaiba. Most other places are reachable by JR.

I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the JR Yamanote line, this is a loop line covering all major station (and many minor station) in Tokyo. Map can be found here.

Hope this helps too :)

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