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tokyo/kawaguchiko/kyoto - jr pass worthwhile?

Tokyo/Kawaguchiko/Kyoto - JR pass worthwhile?


The following is my itinerary for Japan for 2 people. I am wondering if it is worthwhile buying a 7 day JR pass or better to just get other passes once we arrive.

Day 1-3: Flying into Narita and staying close to Shinjuku station for 3 nights. Will spend 3 days sightseeing around central Tokyo
Q: Does the JR pass work for Narita to Shinjuku?

Day 4-5: Staying two nights in Kawaguchiko and sightseeing around 5 Lakes.
Q: From my research it seems that the JR pass does not get me to Kawaguchiko. Is that correct? It seems the direct Highway bus will be the quickest and cheapest. Is this correct?

Day 6-8: Staying close to Kyoto station for 3 nights and will be sightseeing around the city. On the last day we will be flying out of Osaka.
Q: Given our entire itinerary, will the 7 day pass be worthwhile for 2 travelers?
Q: Also two of our friends will have the same itinerary as above except on the last day they will be heading back to Tokyo for another night and flying out from there. I know the JR pass is good for that trip correct?

Hi there,

Given your itinerary, my advise would be to buy normal tickets. This because the amount of travel is limited and normal tickets cost less than the cost of a 7 day JR Pass. A JR Pass would be helpful if you made a return to Tokyo after Kyoto (like your friend).

The JR Pass covers travel from Narita Airport - Tokyo/Shinjuku. Also part of the way to Kawaguchiko (up to Otsuki) is covered by the JR Pass, this is still the cheapest way if you have the pass.

Hope this helps,

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