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tokyo travel and 7 day pass

Tokyo travel and 7 day pass

We are (a couple) planning a trip to JP from 21-29 April. Reaching Narita Airport at 21 and staying in Tokyo for 3-4 days.
Then we will travel to Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, may be Hiroshima and spend 3-4 days.
Return back to Tokyo and spend the remaining days before flying out from Narita Airport.

I am trying to find what is the best way to use a 7 day pass & if it is worth it.

I intend to activate it during Tokyo-Kyoto trip & use it to make day trips from Kyoto - to Osaka one of the days & Hiroshima on one of the others.
Return to Tokyo will also be using the pass on the 7th day.

Wanted to do some day trip from Tokyo if possible, but I don't think I have enough time & neither would my JR pass be valid.

Does this seem to be making a good use of the pass? Any other suggestions appreciated...
Many thanks in advance!


Hi there,

Yes, I can tell you right away that you will be making very good use of the JR-Pass with your planned itinerary.
I posted a little list of ticket prices below so you can see for yourself :)

I would recommend the following route in case you want to minimize travel on a single day.

Tokyo --> Odawara (from here you can access Hakone) ¥ 3,130
Odawara --> Osaka ¥ 12,470
Osaka --> Hiroshima ¥ 10,150
Hiroshima --> Kyoto ¥ 10,990
Kyoto --> Tokyo ¥ 13,420

For a total of ¥ 50,160, the 7 Day JR-Pass is 28,300 resulting in ¥ 21,860 savings. Not bad, even if I say so myself.

I would recommend a visit to Nikko if you do have the JR-Pass available in Tokyo and want to make a day trip.

You may find the Narita Express + Suica package useful to travel to Tokyo since you won't be using the JR-Pass to travel to Narita Airport to Tokyo. It gives a nice discount on the Narita Express and you can use the Suica card to travel around in Tokyo, it also makes for a good souvenir.

Make the most of your trip!

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