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tokyo to sapporo

Tokyo to Sapporo

Hello, i've planned to go to Japan in November-December, and I would like to go to Sapporo, using only my JR Pass, and if possible, with night trains, so I went to Hyperdia to check for a route, I think I found something that is good for me, but I need to be sure it's only using trains that I can use only with the JR Pass.
Here is the travel:

Tokyo > Sendai : Shinkansen Yamabiko 221
Sendai > Hakodate : Ltd.exp Hokutosei
Hakodate > Sapporo : Ltd.exp Super Hokuto 1

Please tell me if this is good with JR Pass, and if it's not, what kind of trains should I take to go to sapporo by night without extra fee (if it's possible).

Thank you!


Hi There!

I checked the trains for you but the Hotokusei night service is unfortunately not covered by the JR Pass, the because it only has special sleeping compartments which require an extra fee, even with the JR Pass.

You can make the whole trip with the JR Pass and even include a night train.

There's two option that are both completely covered by the JR Pass.

The first is to take the Tohoku Shinkansen (Bullet train) to Aomori and board the Hamanasu night train there. This train is covered by the JR Pass but can sell out quickly so it's important to make seat reservations as soon as possible.

The 2nd option is to take the Akebono night train from Ueno (Tokyo) - Aomori and take a limited express train from there the next morning to Sapporo.

A last option would to take the Bullet train from Tokyo to Aomori and travel on from there by limited express train to Sapporo during day time. This route is also completely covered by the JR Pass but takes 10 hours in total, so to be sure to bring your own library or at least a good book.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for your usefull and precise answer !


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