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tokyo to matsumoto

Tokyo to Matsumoto


We want to travel from Tokyo to Matsumoto (using JRP) on Thursday the 13th of July.
When I input this in (9:19 AM we are flexible though) it gives me route not found... (is this because there are no trains in the morning?).
Through google I found that there is a train in late afternoon (6PM) but the Hyperdia also gives me warning that it may contain some routes not valid for JRP. Best option with Shinkansen to Nagano and then JR Shinonoi line.
Could you help me please what best route would be using the JRP only?




Hello Dieter,

I think you need to search from Shinjuku(JR)(Tokyo) to Matsumoto to find the direct Azusa trains, you may not get this if you search from Tokyo station instead.

The JR Pass covers this route in any case and you can travel via Shinjuku or Nagoya, both options work.

Hope this helps,

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