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tokyo to kyoto return kyoto to hakone/odawara to tokyo

Tokyo to Kyoto return Kyoto to Hakone/Odawara to Tokyo

Four adults will travel to Kyoto (3 days) and return via Hakone(2 days) back to Tokyo. (departing Tokyo for Kyoto Friday and returning to Tokyo Wednesday=6 days):

1) Will the JR pass still be worth it?
2) Also, if this leaves one remaining day for Tokyo day trips (Thursday depending if the Thursday before Kyoto or upon return to Tokyo) is it better to use the JR pass for Yokohama or for Kamakura? Which day trip would be the best use of the 7 day pass (best savings versus alternative transportation options to either Yokohama or Kamakura).
3) How does one store luggage for overnight travel on the Shinkansen or JR lines? Are there luggage size restrictions?
4) How often do trains depart between Tokyo and Kyoto (via Odaware/Hakone)? It appears the 3 destinations are on the Tokaido Shinkansen line am I correct? Or will we need to transfer?

Domo Arigato!


Hi there,

1.) Yes, the JR Pass will be worth it. The cost of a 7 day JR Pass is the same as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto. The JR Pass will allow you to make any stop you like, which comes in handy for travel to Odawara.

2.) Both Yokohama and Kamakura are close together, it does not really matter. However Yokohama does have a Shinkansen station, so if you want to use the Shinkansen, go to Yokohama with the JR Pass.

3.) You can find luggage regulations here:

4.) There is a train every 30 minutes, all these stations are on the Tokaido shinkansen.

Hope this helps,

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