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tokyo to karumai area with daytrips, back to tokyo

Tokyo to Karumai area with daytrips, back to Tokyo

My daughter (23) and I will be traveling to Japan on July 25. We will stay in Tokyo for the weekend and then travel North to see my son in Karumai, Iwate. I know they don't have a train station there- I think the closest is Ninohe, we will be visiting him and doing day or overnight trips in the north and then head back South to Tokyo after 7 days to leave from Narita on August 4- are there enough trains we can go on to make this a good deal? We would purchase the 7 day pass, but activate it when we Tokyo on Monday so we wouldn't use it from Narita into Tokyo the first day.


Hello there,

Yes a 7 day JR Pass is certainly a good deal. Consider this, taking the train from Tokyo the route to Ninohe takes you to Morioka from where you take a private line to Ninohe. Now a return ticket on the Shinkansen Tokyo - Morioka is ¥ 29,080. The 7 day JR Pass is 29,110, so you are already as good as even. Make a day trip or two and you can make some very good savings!

Also consider the 1,500yen Narita Express ticket for your arrival at Tokyo.

Enjoy Japan!


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