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tokyo > osaka > kyoto > tokyo

Tokyo > Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo

A bunch of friends and I will be visiting Japan in end of Feb for 10 days and this is what we thought.

First 4 days in Tokyo
Travel to Osaka
4th to 7th day in Osaka
6th day in Kyoto (Day Trip)
7th day to 10th day back in Tokyo

This means we will be travelling:
1. To and fro Tokyo/Osaka
2. To and fro Osaka/Kyoto

What is the cheapest way by trains around these places?

In addition, I know I have to buy:
1. Metro pass (3d for 1500 Yen) for Tokyo for 8 days (Am I right?)
2. What else do I need? (In Osaka/Kyoto)

Which tickets do I need to purchase before I arrive in Tokyo?

Thanks alot.


Hi there,

A 7 day JR Pass will be great for your travels. A return ticket Tokyo - Osaka is about the same price as the 7 day JR Pass, now you get 7 days of unlimited travel for the same price. The JR pass can also be used for travel between Osaka - Kyoto and travel on the JR network within Osaka/Tokyo.

The 3 day metro pass can also be a good option if you plan on using the Tokyo Metro a lot. A normal 1 day pass is 750yen so you basically get one day extra.

In Kyoto look for the 500yen bus ticket, this covers a full day of bus travel. It's a very good price as a normal bus ride will cost 230yen (per ride).

Hope this helps!

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A question.. Is it possible to stay in Tokyo for 10 days?


Hi there,

Yes you can stay in Tokyo. Just be sure to plan your days well if you plan on doing day trips to places such as Kyoto.

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