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tokyo osaka kyoto

Tokyo Osaka kyoto


Below is my itinerary

13/12 - arrival at Osaka -Osaka one day trip including castle, shrine and nippombashi to feel the pop culture
14/12 - 3 days 2 nights @ kyoto. Itinerary includes as per whereby they cover eastern Kyoto full day and arashiyama full day. A half day trip to Kobe to savor Kobe beef.
17/12 - 3 days 2 nights @ Tokyo. Itinerary includes tsukiji fish market, shinjuku and shinbuya and akihabara, roppongi street. Gundam museum. Hakone and Fuji five lakes
21/12 - Last day - departure from Osaka airport.

In between, I actually have one more day to spend. Would you suggest for me to spend that additional day at Tokyo or kyoto? What should I visit then? If not both cities, Anywhere else you recommend? What about the famous snow monkey? Where is it and how to go about?

Also, should I purchase JR pass for my intended itinerary?

For each tourist attractions at each city, can you please arrange the place of interests so that I won't waste time in any round trips?

If you feel that I've missed out any must of places or any you recommend, please suggest.

Awaiting your reply.



Hello there,

The 7 day JR Pass will offer good value for your travels. The pass is about the same price as a normal return ticket Osaka - Tokyo on the Shinkansen, so any additional travel is free with the pass!

The itinerary above makes for a great trip and so far I think it is planned nicely. To both get the most of your time in Japan and out of your JR Pass. Consider a visit to Nikko. This is one of the most impressive temple cities of Japan and is surround by a lot of beautiful nature. It also makes for a great day trip from Tokyo, so there is no need to reserve an extra hotel.

In Tokyo, Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya are all close. The same applies to Akihabara and Tsukiji, so its best to pack them together.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your advice.

What about onsen? Which onsen will you recommend based on my itinerary?

I would also like to see snow monkey. The best one is apparent at jigokudani money park at nagano. Is that the best and I should travel from osaka, kyoto or tokyo?

Appreciate your feedback.



Hi there,

There are a good amount of onsen along the route.

You could for instance visit the famous Kurama Onsen near Kyoto, Arima onsen near Kobe or some of the local onsen near Nikko (if you decide to include it). An other option would be to make a stop between Tokyo - Kyoto in Hakone and enjoy one of the Onsen there.

The Snow Monkey part takes a lot of travel (up to 7 hours from Tokyo) to get to and frankly I don't see how you would plan it in, given your current itinerary and time allowance. Nevertheless you can find more about via the below link.

Hope this helps,

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