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tokyo (narita) - nagoya - tokyo

Tokyo (Narita) - Nagoya - Tokyo

Hi Everyone

I will be landing in Tokyo Narita Airport on the 25th May 6am. I am thinking of travelling to Nagoya as a base whereby I will stay for 3 days where I will be making day trips to Takayama and Kiso Valley. After which, I will be departing from Nagoya back to Tokyo for my final leg of 3 days whereby I will be travelling from Tokyo as a base to Kamakura, Nikko and Hakone.

In summary, my trips as follows:

25th May Tokyo to Nagoya. Spend the rest of the noon and evening in Nagoya
26th May Nagoya to Takayama.
27th May Nagoya to Kiso Valley.
27th May - Night Nagoya back to Tokyo
28th May - Tokyo to Kamakura.
29th May - Tokyo to Nikko
30th May - Tokyo to Hakone
31st May - Back to Tokyo Narita Airport

Is it worth purchasing a JR Pass? This is not the first time I have been to Japan, but this is the first time travelling to the outskirts. I used to focus only in Kyoto and Osaka or Tokyo.

Many thanks for the help!


Hi there,

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Hope this helps,

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