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tokyo-nagoya-mount fuji- tokyo in 8 days

Tokyo-Nagoya-Mount Fuji- Tokyo in 8 days

Hi all,

I plan to go Nagoya, Mount Fuji & Tokyo on April, yes its sakura season!

I will land and depart at Tokyo, so the route is Tokyo-Nagoya-Mount Fuji- Tokyo, as I know its not worth to buy JR pass, so can anyone tell me should i take bullet train or normal train or bus?

can anyone share your experience and share your itinerary is same as my route?

many thanks!!


Hi there,

I've not made the exact same trip as you plan to make, however I have been to each of the places you wish to visit.

Going about this, I would take the Shinkansen from Tokyo - Nagoya, it is the most pricey option but the fastest and a trip to Japan is not complete without trying the Bullet train. From Nagoya I'd take an express bus to Fuji, possible Kawaguchiko and then travel back to Tokyo using the Fujikyu and JR.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel san,

I have changed the plan to Takayama - Mt Fuji - Tokyo, I have few question need you to advise.

  1. From Tokyo narita airport to Takayama should take express bus or shinkansen, as I saw the shinkansen is pricey and need to change few train only will arrive to Takayama, whereby the Express bus is cheaper and almost same timing to arrive.

  2. From Takayama to Mount Fuji, please advise the faster way to arrive, we want go Gotemba to collect car.

  3. Mount Fuji to Tokyo we most probably is take Fujiku and JR.

Hope you can help me as I m so worry for the long journey.


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