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Hello! I am going to be in Japan for one week and plan on buying the 7-day pass. I am staying in Tokyo for two days, then travelling to Jigokudani for one night, then going to Kyoto for two days. Does this sound like a good itinerary? Can I fit in any other important or meaningful sights or cities?

I also have a question on the Japan Rail Pass---
If my flight is at 11:50 departing Tokyo, what time should I leave Kyoto? Do I need to go to Osaka to catch the bullet train to Tokyo?

Is it worthwhile buying the 7 day pass if I depart from Osaka and do not return to Tokyo?

Thank you so much for answering these questions. I love this site.


Hi Jean,

To start with your last question first, I do recommend a JR Pass if you plan to visit Tokyo, Nagano (for Jigokudani), Kyoto and then travel back to Tokyo for your flight home. You can make very good savings this way, compared to purchasing normal tickets.

You could easily visit Nagano city as well, as you'll stop there on the way to Jigokudani. Zenkoku-ji (temple) is well worth checking out.

For your return trip at 11:50. Assuming this is in the morning, I strongly advise returning to Tokyo or Narita the evening before. It takes about 5h from Kyoto to Narita Airport and trains only start service at 6 am. There are direct bullet trains from Kyoto to Tokyo.

Hope this helps,

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