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tokyo-mt. fuji-toyama-kyoto-osaka

Tokyo-Mt. Fuji-Toyama-Kyoto-Osaka

Please help me to define my itinerary. From Tokyo (Aug 14), I want to see Mt Fuji followed by shopping at Gotemba for few hours, then I need to go to Toyama for business (I hope I can do it for 1 or 2 days maximum). After that I really want to go a day for Kyoto and one or two more days for Osaka. Next, I want to go to Hiroshima for visit rabbit island, and get back to Osaka for flight home.

Which route and transportation do I should take?
*I'm flexible if the best way needs to add some more city stops (best if it doesn't)

Thanks a lot for the upcoming answers..


Hi there,

Its not really an easy itinerary when it comes to routing. Firstly Gotemba to Toyama is a long route with many transfers. See this route as example. I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia, this way you can find any route yourself.

That said, with this amount of travel, the JR Pass will give you very good savings.

Hope this helps,

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