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tokyo, kyoto & surrounding area

Tokyo, Kyoto & surrounding area


Can you give us your advice on our route through Japan and is it profitable to obtain a JRPass?

  • Day 1 - Day 3: Tokyo
  • Day 4: Hakone (overnight): Day 1 of JRPass
  • Day 5: Takayama (overnight): Day 2 of JRPass
  • Day 6: Kanazawa (overnight): Day 3 of JRPass
  • Day 7 - Day 8: Kyoto (overnight): Day 4 and 5 of JRPass
  • Day 9: Kurashiki (overnight): Day 6 of JRPass
  • Day 10: return tot Tokyo: Day 7 of JRPass
  • Day 11: Tokyo
  • Day 12: flight Tokyo-Amsterdam

Does the JRPass ends on the day you've used it at midnight, or is it available for 24h?



iris desmytter
iris desmytter

Hi Iris,

You look like you've got a good route there - I'm guessing you're staying at Kurashiki to open up day tripping to Naoshima? If not, that's highly recommended. You may consider trading your stop in Kanazawa for another night in Kyoto in the Arashiyama area, but Kanazawa is a great town in itself, and has great views, especially from Shishikutendori park (photos)

Looking at your trip on Hyperdia, you have the following legs:

  • Tokyo -> Odawara ¥3,840
  • Odawara -> Takayama ¥12,710
  • Takayama -> Kanazawa ¥4,380
  • Kanazawa -> Kyoto ¥6,910
  • Kyoto -> Kurashiki ¥7,850
  • Kurashiki -> Tokyo ¥16,560

Bringing a grand total ticket only fare of ¥52,250.

With a 7 day pass you'll save around ¥24,000 on travel so I very much recommend it!

Regarding the last day of validity, you can board trains up to midnight. If your travel goes over into the next day while you are still on the train (such as a sleeper), your Japan rail pass is valid until you reach your designation. This includes transfers provided you do not leave the Japan Rail system by exiting the ticket barriers gates.

Hope you have a great trip!

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