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Hi, My name is Putri.

I want to ask about my Itinerary when I go to Japan. My flight will be arrived in Haneda at 11pm November 15th. We decided to go to kyoto or Osaka as we can remember if we keep staying in tokyo it would waste our money in the hotel, but is it possible? Or Do you have any other suggestion which is more effective?

Beside that we really want to go to play ski. Which place do you recommend us to take? In Nagano or Mt. Fuji?

And I want to ask, Is it good enough if I buy the JR Pass. Or I should buy it every single trip?

In downtown Tokyo and I want to explore Tokyo it self, what transportation should I take?

Thank you :)

Putri Letitiya
Putri Letitiya

Hello there!

There won't be much public transport operating if you arrive at Haneda around 11PM. My suggestion would be to find a hotel near the airport and travel on the following morning.

For skiing, Hakuba (near Nagano) is a popular place and reachable by JR. An other nice option is Gala Yuzawa.

As for the JR Pass, I would certainly recommend a 7 day JR Pass if you can make the return Tokyo - Osaka within its validity period. The 7 day JR Pass is about the same price as a normal return Tokyo - Osaka on the Shinkansen, however now you get 7 days of unlimited travel for the same price.

Hope this helps!

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