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I was so glad to find your website because I have so many questions regarding the JR pass!
My friends and I are going on a trip to Japan for 8 days with the following itinerary:

DAY 1: Narita, Tokyo
DAY 2: Tokyo - Kyoto
DAY 3: Kyoto - stopover at Nara - Osaka
DAY 4: Osaka full day
DAY 5: Osaka - stopover Mt.Fuji/Hakone/Gotemba - Tokyo
DAY 6: Tokyo
DAY 7: Tokyo
DAY 8: Tokyo

Could you help us figure out if it makes sense to get the JR Pass?
We understand that we have to maximize the pass to make it worth the price, so that's why we've slipped in a couple of stopovers between Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo.

Also, since we're only stopping over to see Mt.Fuji / Hakone for half a day, do we really need to get the Hakone Freepass for JPY5000? And is it possible to go to both Hakone and Gotemba outlet in a day?

As you can see we have a lot of questions haha. Hopefully you have some helpful answers?
Thank you so so much!


Hello there,

Visiting both Gotemba and all of Hakone seems a bit much for a single day. However you could just pick two or three great spots in Hakone and visit those, instead of exploring the whole area. This way you also would not have to use a Hakone Free Pass.

The rest of your itinerary looks great, I like the viist to Gotomba and Fuji!

Enjoy Japan!

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