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Hello! We go to Japan for 10 days with group of children, whether it is necessary to buy JR pass for 7 days? A route such
12.04 Airport Narita - Tokyo, Gostinicha in area Chuo
12.04 - 15.04 trips on токио in areas Sibuja and Ikebukuro
16.04 - 17.04 Disneylands with returning in area Chuo
18.04 trip from Tokyo in Kyoto
18.04-19.04 walk on vicinities of Kyoto
19.04 - 20.04 trip from Kyoto to Osaka
20.04 returning in Tokyo
20.04-22.04 vicinities of Tokyo
22.04 - a trip from Tokyo in airport Narita


Hi there,

In general a return trip from Tokyo to Kyoto on the bullet train costs about the same as a 7 day Japan Rail Pass. So if you're thinking of making a return trip from Kyoto to Tokyo it's worth opting for a 7 day Japan Rail Pass as you'll gain a lot of flexibility for using JR trains and so on for free for the remaining days.

Here is the breakdown of the ticket costs for the part of your trip where you could use the JR Pass from 16th-22nd:

  1. Tokyo > Maihama: ¥210, (15mins, 12km)
  2. Maihama > Tokyo: ¥210, (16mins, 12km)
  3. Tokyo > Maihama: ¥210, (15mins, 12km)
  4. Maihama > Tokyo: ¥210, (16mins, 12km)
  5. Tokyo > Kyoto: ¥13220, (165mins, 513km)
  6. Kyoto > Osaka: ¥540, (28mins, 42km)
  7. Osaka > Tokyo: ¥13750, (194mins, 556km)
  8. Tokyo > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥2940, (58mins, 79km)

TOTAL: ¥31290 for 8 legs

Based on this I would recommend you purchase a 7 day rail pass (¥28,300) making a saving of around ¥2990. Also, all further JR travel will be free. (I didn't include possible JR travel around Tokyo on the 20-22nd.)

You may find these day trips from Tokyo using the JRPass interesting, and we also have a blog post on child class japan rail passes that you should check to see if the children are eligible. Finally, for reference here is a map of JR lines in Tokyo that you'll be able to use for free with a Japan Rail Pass.

Hope this helps!

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Many thanks for the help! We will order.)


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