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tokyo-kyoto-osaka-nagoya, shoul i buy jr pass ornot?

Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Nagoya, Shoul i buy JR Pass ornot?


I am planning to go to Japan for 6days and 5 nights with this below Itinerary
Day 1 : Jakarta - Haneda Airport
Day 2 : Tokyo Trip(Shinjuku,Shibuya,Ikebukuro, Ginza)
Day 3 : Disney Sea-Lake Kawaguchi-Mt Fuji-Kyoto
Day 03: Kyoto Trip then go to Osaka (By Bullet Train)
Day 04: Explore Osaka then go to Nagoya
Day 05 : Explore Nagoya
Day 06 : Chubu Airport-Jakarta

For above schedule, should i buy JR Pass or not?
Thank you for your suggestion.

Audrey Isabella
Audrey Isabella

Hi there,

I've made a little list of normal ticket prices below to see if a JR Pass would be helpful to you.

Haneda Airport - Tokyo ¥ 650
Tokyo - Disneyland/sea ¥ 220
Disneyland/sea - Otsuki (for Kawaguchiko) ¥ 2,940
Otsuki - Kyoto ¥ 15,360
Kyoto - Shin-Osaka ¥ 2,810 for the Bullet train, there's also a local service for ¥ 560 yen
Osaka - Nagoya ¥ 6,560

For a total of ¥ 28,540 the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110. With travel in Tokyo you would either break even or make small savings. Since there is little to no difference in price, you could consider the JR Pass for the convenience it offers. As you just need one ticket for most of your travel and don't have to buy separate ticket each time you travel.

Also, I am sure you noticed that I put in Otsuki below instead of Kawaguchiko. This is because when you travel to Kawaguchiko there is a transfer between trains (and train companies) at Otsuki station. The JR Pass covers the route Tokyo - Kawaguchiko and from there the last part is travelled using the Fujikyu line (~1,150yen). Which is not included in the JR Pass.
The best way to travel from Kawaguchiko - Kyoto with the JR Pass is the travel back to Otsuki and from there travel on.

Hope this helps!

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Here is my new Schedule :

Day 1 : Jakarta- Haneda Airport
Day 2 : Haneda Airport-Tokyo Disney Park-Hotel (Ginza Area)
Day 3 : Hotel-Ueno-Asakusa-Shibuya-Shinjuku-Mt Fuji-Hakone-Yunessun Onsen-Hotel
Day 4 : Hotel-Gotemba-Hakone St-Nagoya
Day 4 : Hotel-Nagoya Castle-Osu Shopping Street-Nagoya Station-Kyoto Station-Gion & Higashiyama District
Day 5 : Hotel-Kiyomizudera-Fushimi Inari-Kyoto St-Osaka St (Shinkansen)-Namba
Day 6 : Hotel-Universal Studio-Hotel
Day 7 : Hotel-Osaka Castle-Ramen Museum-Sinsaibashi-Hotel
Day 8 : Hotel –Kansai Int’l Airport

Do you think for above Schedule I need 7 days JR Pass?

Thank you,


Audrey Isabella
Audrey Isabella

Hi Audrey,

For this itinerary it would be better to buy normal tickets as you travel, as the price of normal tickets is below that of the 7 day JR Pass.

Happy travels!

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