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tokyo-kyoto-osaka-hiroshima-tokyo in 9 days

Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka-Hiroshima-Tokyo in 9 days


We are going to Japan for 10 days flying in and out of Tokyo.

We want to buy a 7 day travel pass and to do the above route in 7 days, having a day or 2 in Tokyo at either end. Can you let me know if these are the best places to visit in that timescale and if the route is feasible - ie there are frequent trains between these destinations and journey times aren't too long.

Where is best to look at train times and woud we need to book tickets in advance if we have the pass?

Your advice is appreciated!



Hi there,

This itinerary is perfectly doable in 9 days! Also trains depart frequently (once every 30minutes on average) and also travel times are good. The route that takes the most time is Tokyo Kyoto which is about 160 Minutes.

Usually you won't have to reserve tickets for this route unless you are traveling during one of the Japanese National Holidays.

For train times I would recommend that you use the website Hyperdia which can give you all the information you need! If you are yet unfamiliar with Hyperdia, I would recommend reading our blog post first about how to book with Hyperdia, because sometimes the amount of information can be a little overwhelming.

Hope this helps,

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