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As a couple, we will be spending 10 days in Japan arriving early morning into Narita and leaving on Day 10 from Kansai at noon. Seek your kind guidance on our itinerary as we will be carrying to large luggages.

  1. From Shinjuku Station, we will take the Ltd Exp Narita Express to Tokyo Station and take the Shinkansen Shinkansen Nozomi to Kyoto. Is this the easiest route?

We will stay at the New Miyako Hotel.

  1. From Kyoto to Osaka leg, this is where we are having a little difficulty in understanding the trains. We will stay in Namba at Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka. What trains should I be taking from Kyoto? And would it be toJR Namba or Namba Station?

On Hyperdia, the route was Kyoto Kintetsu Ltd Exp-transfer Yamatoyagi Kintetsu Ltd Exp-Osaka Namba. Could you please advise if this is appropriate and please advise alternatives where possible?

Thank you very much


Hi there!

1.) With a ton of luggage taking the Narita Express between Shinjuku and Tokyo is maybe the best option but very pricy too if you don't use a JR Pass. Instead I would recommand using the Yamanote line departing ever 3-5 minutes from Shinjuku bound for Shinagawa and board the Shinkansen there. This is probably the fastest way too!

2.) Going from Kyoto to (jr)Namba, you have a couple of options. First take the Shinkaisoku to Osaka station, this is the quickest way to get from Kyoto to Osaka and takes 29minutes. From Osaka you can take the Midosuji Line Subway line directly to Namba or if you have a JR Pass travel to Shinimamiya and from there to JR Namba.

JR Namba is the JR Station for Namba, the subway station and nankai namba station are all closely located and all serve the Namba area.

I hope this helps!

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