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tokyo, kyoto, koyasan, takayama, jigokudani, tokyo

Tokyo, Kyoto, Koyasan, Takayama, Jigokudani, Tokyo

Is it a good idea to get a jrpass for:

Arriving at Narita
* Tokyo 4 nights * Kyoto 4 nights (one of these might be spent in Nara/Osaka) * Koyasan 1 night * Takayama 2 nights * Shirakawa-go, Ogimachi 1 night * Visit Jigokudani * Tokyo 2-3 nights Depart.


Hi there!

Looking at the your planned route, I think that it would be best to travel using normal tickets. This because most of your travel from Takayama - Shikarawago and Ogimachi in addition to Jigokudani is mostly covered by bus and private railway.

When you arrive at Narita Airport, consider buying a Suica + Narita Express package to get a discounted ticket on the Narita Express and a prepaid travel card (Suica) which you can use to pay for local travel in Tokyo and other parts in Japan.

Enjoy Japan!


Thank you Daniel.


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