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tokyo-kyoto- hokkaido in 2 weeks

Tokyo-Kyoto- Hokkaido in 2 weeks


Can someone please advise if it is better to get a JR Pass for 14 days or, JR Pass for 7 days+7 days Hokkaido rail pass with the following itinerary?

1-4 Nov : Tokyo + Kyoto
5 Nov : Aomori
6-7 Nov: Hakodate
8-10 Nov : Lake Toya
10-14 : Sapporo

I'm not sure if the Hokkaido rail pass gives access to broader network within Hokkaido as compared to the JR Pass. Otherwise, I will only be in Tokyo-Kyoto for 4 days before heading up north for the rest of the trip.

Many thanks!


Hi there!

What I am wondering about is, are you flying to Aomori or do you plan to travel there from Kyoto/Tokyo by rail?

I do think that the 14 day JR Pass will be the better option in most cases, this because the price difference between the 7day and 14 day JR Pass is 16800 yen and the 4 day JR Hokkai pass already is 19500 yen, in addition the JR Hokkaido pass does not cover travel from Aomori to Hakodate while the JR Pass does.

Also consider traveling by Green Class (1st class) if you make your way up to the north, Seats in Green Cars in Tohoku and Hokkaido are top notch and there are even free drinks are being served.

Have a great time in Japan!

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