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tokyo - kanazawa - norther alps - tokyo

Tokyo - Kanazawa - norther alps - Tokyo

We want to travel from Tokyo to Kanazawa and then to Matsumoto, Kamikochi, Shinhotaka Ropeway then back to Tokyo between the dates June 1st ~7th. My question is what or which JR Rail Pass will we need to purchase and/or are there other rail passes that we will need inorder to travel to all these locations. Idea was to go Tokyo to Kanazawa, couple days later backtrack to Nagano station and change to Shinonoi Line travel south to Matsumoto. Take side trip with Matsumoto Dentetsu Kamikochi Line & bus to Kamikochi for a day trip then back to Matsumoto. Next day to Shinhotaka Ropeway daytrip. June 7 travel to Tokyo. One concern, is how late shinkansen running at night of June 3rd from Kanazawa to Nagano and changing train to Shinonoi Line (need to know latest schedule) to reach Matsumoto same night. Need to be in Matsumoto early June 4th morning.


Hi there,

The only option that would cover the area you will travel in is the Japan Rail Pass and you could consider using a 7 day JR Pass for your trip. The Shinkansen alone to Kanazawa is pretty expensive and a JR Pass would come in handy for sure.

Note that travel on the Matsumoto Dentetsu Kamikochi Line & bus to Kamikochi would not be included.

For travel times, I recommend learning to plan with Hyperdia this way you can find any route/timetable and more. It's a great tool for planning with the JR Pass. We also have a useful interactive map with all JR lines included.

Hope this helps,

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