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Hello there,

Going to Japan from 26/03 to 09/04.
Planning to buy a railpass.
This is our itinerary:

Leg -> Train
Tokyo-Kanazawa -> Kagayaki
Kanazawa-Kyoto -> Ltd Exp Thunderbird
Kyoto-Okayama -> Kodama/Sakura
Okayama-Hiroshima -> Hikari
Hiroshima-Tokyo -> Sakura/Hikari

1/ Does the Railpass cover all the individual Legs?
2/ We can activate our 14-day Railpass in Narita airport? And make reservations there?
3/ The 26/03 to 09/04 period is a holiday period in Japan as well. Do you foresee any trouble with our itinerary in terms of overbooked trains?
4/ Are local JR-trains also covered by the rail-pass, for example in Tokyo?
5/ Does it also cover the trip from Okayama to Naoshima?

Arigatou Gozaimasu,


Hi Kehjr,

1.) Yes, all these routes are covered.

2.) The JR Pass can be activated at Narita Airport right away and you can make seat reservations too.

3.) No, there are plenty of seats to go around. Trains rarely sell out, if you want to be sure, just book your seats 1-2 days in advance.

4.) Yes, all local JR lines are included. Other transport such as the Tokyo Metro is not included.

5.) The train ride from Okayama to Uno station for the ferry to Naoshima is covered, the ferry itself is not but only costs a couple hundred of yen (290 yen).

Hope this helps,

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