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I am going to japan for chrismas and new years and will be travelling around japan for 14 days my program is

Tokyo to Hiroshima 21st Dec
Hiroshima to Osaka 23rd Dec
Osaka to Kyoto 26th Dec
Kyoto to Mt.Fuji 29th Dec (using a bus from Fujisan station to Lake Yamanakako)
Mt.Fuji to Tokyo 30th Dec

Would buy a JR Pass for 14 days be worth it or is there any other cheaper option by train?



leo roslee
leo roslee

Hi Leo,

Let's have a look at ticket prices and see what would be the best option:

Tokyo - Hiroshima ¥ 18,050
Hiroshima - Osaka ¥ 9,950
Osaka - Kyoto ¥ 540
Kyoto - Mt.Fuji ¥ 15,140
Mt.Fuji (Fujikan) ¥ 2,950

For a total of ¥ 46,630 the 14 day JR Pass is ¥ 45,100 allowing for ¥ 1,530 in savings. Which is a good start. You can also use the JR Pass for local travel in Osaka and Tokyo - including travel to the airport - making for even better savings.

Hope this helps!

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