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My 10 day itinerary is below:

22-Nov Nartia -> Tokyo
23-Nov Tokyo
24-Nov Tokyo-> Hakone-> Tokyo
25-Nov Tokyo
26-Nov Tokyo-> Kyoto
27-Nov Kyoto-> Osaka-> Kyoto
28-Nov Nara-> Kyoto
29-Nov Nara-> Kyoto
30-Nov Kyoto-> Tokyo
1-Dec Tokyo -> Narita

I have planned on validating my 7 day JR Pass on 25 Nov, and using the Hakone pay pass on the 24th to do the day trip. But I am not sure what ticket to purchase in Tokyo when i arrive to get from Narita to Tokyo and around Tokyo itself for the first few days. My plan is to be based in Tokyo and Kyoto mainly, and do day trips to places like Hakone and Osaka.

Would really appreciate any feedback/advice on what tickets would be best for my itinerary. Thank you!


Hello there,

I think it makes for a good itinerary! Especially if it is a first time visit to Japan.

The JR Pass will also work great and using it from Nov 25th - Dec 1st is also how I would do it.

For your arrival, consider buying the 1,500yen Narita Express ticket. This will get you in comfort to Tokyo.

Lastly, maybe two days Nara is a bit much as you can see most of what the town offers in a day. You could visit Hiroshima/Miyajima on the 29th if you wish to add something to your itinerary.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for your advice! I will definitely get the Narita express ticket!



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