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hi there, i will be travelling in japan from 12to 22 december.

and i haven't got the JR pass, because after reading the sample itineraries, it is cheaper to get one way tickets.
Please help me check this through and if possible give me the price of the tickets..

12th arrive at narita airport, take N'EX tokyo direct to shibuya ( price?)

12-15 in tokyo

15th to hakone via Fuji Hakone Pass, Supplement ticket for Odakyu Romancecar, free hakone free pass (price?)

16th to kyoto from odawara station, with JR train (price?)

18th to osaka
22nd depart home

is this alternative cheeper than purchasing a 7 day pass, because 7 days pass not enough for our travelling.

thank you for your advise. we are looking forward to a budget but unforgettable trip.


Hi there,

In this case it would indeed be better to buy normal tickets as you go. The JR Pass offers great value when making a couple of Shinkansen trips, a return Tokyo - Kyoto for example will quickly make it pay for. It is however more economic to just buy a normal ticket when you just go one way Odawara - Kyoto.

You may however be interested in the 1,500yen Narita Express ticket for your arrival at Narita Airport.

Hope this helps,

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