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tokyo disneyland ticket at disney store

Tokyo Disneyland Ticket at Disney Store

Hi there

I plan to buy the disneyland ticket at Disney Store when I arrive in Osaka on 10 Dec 2012. I know that I can get the ticket from either Umeda UEP Five or Sinsaibashi. I am just wondering will the store carry enough tickets and will it run out of tickets easily? I will be visiting Disneyland on 13 Dec. Is the ticket at the Disney Store an open ticket that I don't need to exchange at the ticket booth at Disneyland? Can we go in to the park directly? My concern is the long queue of waiting to exchange the ticket at the ticket booth. Does the ticket endorse with a date on it ?

Also please adv the nearest disney store for me to go from universal city station.

Thanks again for your great help & adv!


Hi there!

I'm afraid i don't know much about Disney, but here are translated details about tickets from the Disney store Japan website. At the bottom of the page there is also a phone number you could call to get further information.

I think the Umeda store will be easier as it is just next to JR Osaka station (probably a direct train from Universal City).

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot !


Hi Yenong,

Just to answer some of your questions,
The Disney store works with the same booking system, as if you would book online.
So as long as there are tickets available, they can sell them. (So there is no limited amount of tickets per store).

Also if you buy a ticket with a date on it, than it will only be valid for that they and can't be used later on.

Taken Directly from Advance tickets provide direct entry to the Park.

So if you buy them at the store you won't have to exchange them later and can enter the park directly!

Speaking from personal experience, Disney Land can be very busy especially in the weekend but during weekly days you should have no problem getting tickets or waiting in queue for something.

Hope it takes some of your concerns away.

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