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tokyo and kyoto

Tokyo and Kyoto

Se are spending one week in Kyoto and one week in Tokyo. When I look at the Jr rail pass map it does not look like there is many stations that will cover it in those 2 cities. It seems that the Jr pass is more for long distance traveling?
We want to be able to explore Tokyo and Kyoto and take the local trains, is this possible with Jr pass?

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Hello Toni,

The JR Pass does cover all local lines in Tokyo and Kyoto. In Tokyo most of the metropolis can be explored using the JR Pass, in Kyoto however you will require additional transport, as the JR is only limited to the south and west of Kyoto.

That said, the JR Pass is best used for longer distance travel. For instance a return Tokyo - Kyoto alone will nearly pay for a 7 day JR Pass.

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