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tokyo - osaka - kyoto - hiroshima - fukuoka

Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Fukuoka

Hi, I will be in Japan for roughly 10 days in March, with this as the current itinerary plan:

18th - 20th arrive in Tokyo to Narita and look around Tokyo

21st - Tokyo to Osaka, possibly via Mount Fuji/Hakone area, though I'm not sure if that will be too little time

22nd - Staying in Osaka

23rd - Osaka to Kyoto

24th - Around Kyoto

25th - Kyoto to Nara or Mount Koya

26th - Nara/Koya to Himeji

27th - Himeji to Hiroshima then to Fukuoka

28th - fly from Fukuoka early in the morning

Sorry for the long post, I was thinking of buying a 7 day pass and activating it upon leaving Tokyo, would my pass cover all of the travel after that? Also does the itinerary seem too congested?

Thank you for any help and advice


Hi there,

A JR Pass would work out very well here! All travel is covered from Tokyo - Fukuoka, except for a small part to Koya which needs an additional fare. Activating your JR Pass the moment you leave Tokyo would indeed be the best option, as this way you can cover all of your long distance travel and make the most of the pass.

For your arrival consider buying a 1,500yen Narita Express ticket for travel into Tokyo. It's a very good deal, as a normal ticket is about double the price.

As for your itinerary, it looks very doable to me. On the 25/26th you may want to consider going to Nara as it is easier to get to from Kyoto and travel there is completely covered by the JR Pass. It is only 1H away by rail from Kyoto, so you could also stay in night in Kyoto and make a day trip to Nara, saving you the trouble of carrying your luggage around.

I hope this helps!

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