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tokyo - kyoto - toyooka - nagaoka - yudanaka onsen - tokyo

Tokyo - Kyoto - Toyooka - Nagaoka - Yudanaka Onsen - Tokyo

My friend and I have never been to Japan. We have both purchased Japan rail passes and will be arriving at Narita airport on the evening of October 27th. I've reserved lodgings at the above places, in the order written. Can this itinerary be accomplished with public (rail/bus) transportation?? I'm not finding directions for rail travel between Toyooka and Nagaoka unless routed (7 1/2 hrs. back through Kyoto/Tokyo). The rail map seemed to show a route along the Northern coast, but I must have misunderstood. Also, Yudanaka Onsen does not appear to be accessible without a 42 minute segment of driving. I am so confused!!

Can anyone out there please help me sort this out?


Hi there,

I looked up the routes for you and everything can be reached by Rail. The longest part is indeed Toyooka - Nagaoka, this because traveling by Shinkansen is the fastest way available however it does at least take 447 Minute (about 7.5H) to travel from point A to B. Unfortunately there's no faster route available, by local train via the Northern coast is over 14H!

Traveling to Yudanaka,
The part of this route which can cause some confusion is that the last part is traveled by a different company. To get to Yudanaka, first take the JR to Nagano station, here you can transfer to the Nagano Dentetsu line to Yodanaka station. This last part is 1.230 yen.
Here's the route Nagaoka - Yudanaka in Hyperdia. You can also read more information on how to access Yudanaka here.

I hope this clears things up a little!

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Thank you so much for the helpful information and useful links! :)


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