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tokyo - kyoto - hiroshima - sapporo

Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima - Sapporo


We've almost completed our itinerary, well, we know where we want to go and what we want to see, now we just need your expertise to help us with the itinerary to make sure it is logical and will make best-use of a rail pass and time.

Any assistance/advise would be appreciated.

We'd like to:
Stay in a temple at Koyasan
Stay in a Ryokan at Miyajima

We'd love to visit Akita but not sure it is worth the trip from Tokyo, unless we could stop at Akita on the way to Sapporo - Any tips on this would be appreciated.
The items with "JR" I believe are covered by the JR rail pass, other trains (Kyoto <-> Koyasan) are not; is this correct?
Are there other day-trips or places we could stop on the way, to make use of our rail pass and see other cities between major destinations?

1 Tokyo
2 Tokyo
3 Kyoto (from Tokyo by Train) JR
4 Kyoto
5 Koyasan (via Osaka, from Kyoto by Train)
6 Kyoto (via Osaka, from Koyasan by Train)
7 Hiroshima (from Kyoto by Train) JR
8 Hiroshima
9 Miyajima (from Hiroshima by Train & Ferry) JR
10 Sapporo (from Hiroshima by Plane)

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Hello Kiapso,

Traveling to Akita takes a good amount of them, even with the super fast new red Shinkansen. The only way I would see a visit there if you would travel by train instead to Akita and then Sapporo.

For the rest I think that your itinerary looks good. All travel, except the last part to Koya-san is covered by the JR Pass.

As for other day trips, consider a visit to Kamakura or Nikko from Tokyo.
From Kobe you could also visit Nara or Kobe as both make for good day trips. From Kyoto you could also make stop over at Kanazawa, Kinosaki-Onsen or Naoshima. All make for great visit, although I would advise a nights stop at each place.

Hope this helps and have a great trip!

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for that! We'll forget Akita for now, perhaps get there next time.
Will add your suggestions to our itinerary.
Thanks so much!


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