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tokyo - hakone - takayama - kyoto - osaka

Tokyo - Hakone - Takayama - Kyoto - Osaka


I am going to Tokyo on a business trip and would like to extend it to see parts of Japan. Plan is to fly into Tokyo and out of Osaka. Please let me know if best to get a tour, buy a Japan Rail pass or not. I don't need to stay in all the places so any suggestion on a base will be good too. Thanks

23 Nov Tokyo - Hakone

24 Nov Hakone - Takayama

25 Nov Explore Takayama

25-26 Nov Explore Kyoto

26-27 Nov Osaka

Fly out on 28th Nov


Hi Ccy,

Hard to say about a tour, but I can certainly help with checking if the rail pass is worth it or not!

For this 1 week trip, you have the following legs (incl. the legs from Narita Airport and To Kansai International):

Narita > Tokyo (¥2,740)
Tokyo > Odawara (¥3,130)
Odawara > Takayama (¥12,110)
Takayama > Kyoto (¥ 9,380)
Kyoto -> Osaka (¥1000)
Osaka > Kansai International Airport (¥2,200)

Total: ¥30,560

Recommendation: Buy 1 x 7 day JR Pass

Using a 7 day rail pass will give you a small saving of around ¥2,000. In addition you'll have more flexibility to change your plans should you need.

Hope this helps!

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