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tokyo -> hakone -> kyoto -> osaka -> nara

Tokyo -> Hakone -> Kyoto -> Osaka -> Nara


I just wanted to check my itinerary with you and see if you think it is ok or if you would advise any changes.

I will be going to Japan from 8-22nd March 2016 and I'm thinking of getting the 7 or 14 day JR pass. Which one would you think is the best value based on the following itinerary?

8th March - Arrive in Narita airport, Tokyo
8th-12th March - Tokyo (sightseeing, Disneyland etc)
13th - Day trip to Mt Fuji from Tokyo (Do you recommend doing a day trip to Mt Fuji or go straight to Hakone from there? Also do you have any recommended tours to go to Mt Fuji or is it easy enough to get there by ourselves?)
14th-15th March - Hakone
16-18th March - Kyoto
I also want to go to Nara but not sure whether to go to Nara from Kyoto or Osaka? Which one would be more convenient?
18-22nd March Osaka

If i used the 7 day JR pass and activated it on the 13th or 14th when I leave Tokyo would that be a good idea?


Also what is the best way to get to central Tokyo from Narita Airport? Is there a direct train?


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