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tokyo – osaka – kobe – kyoto – nagoya - mt fuji – tokyo, worth getting a jr pass?

Tokyo – Osaka – Kobe – Kyoto – Nagoya - Mt Fuji – Tokyo, worth getting a JR pass?


Me and my friends will be travelling to Tokyo – Osaka – Kobe – Kyoto – Nagoya - Mt Fuji – Tokyo (with Shibuya Ginza Shinjuku) from the 15 April 2015 till 24 April 2015. Apart from the flight from Tokyo to Osaka, do you think that a JR Pass could cover all stops, or we will be better buying individual train tickets? Please advise.

Thank you very much.



Hello Chan,

A JR Pass would be worth it if you travel the entire trip by rail. However since you plan on flying one way, I think that it may be better to just buy tickets as you travel.

Hope this helps,


You might consider skipping Nagoya, which is not that interesting anyway, and going to Hiroshima and Miyajima instead. Much more interesting, and it would make the 7 day JR Pass cost effective. For the Kansai area, be sure not to skip Nara either - it is one of the crown jewels of old Japanese culture.


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