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takayama-hokuriku tourist pass

Takayama-Hokuriku Tourist Pass


I have the following itinerary and would like to check is the above tourist pass having any cost saving? I saw there are JR rail on limited express that can be taken as well.

Day 1 & 2 Nagoya
Day 3 Nagoya - Takayama
Day 4 Takayama - Shorakawago - Kanazawa
Day 5 Kanazawa - Kyoto
Day 6 Kyoto - within Kyoto
Day 7 Kyoto - Arashiyama
Day 8 Kyoto - Osaka
Day 9 Osaka - Nara
Day 10 & 11 Osaka
Day 12 Kansai Airport

Just would like to check is the pass covering the train fr Kanaza to Kyoto?
Can I use this pass to travel around in Kyoto and to Arashiyama using JR line?
Do I need another pass to cover from kyoto - Osaka- Nara- Osaka -Kansai Airport? What will be the best cost saving?
Thank you


Yes, Kanazawa to Kyoto is covered. It does not cover going to Arashiyama. It is also valid for only 5 days. Complete info is on their website. For other days, depending on how much travel you did in a day, a Kansai Thru Pass or a JR Kansai Area Pass or a Kintetsu Rail Pass might pay off - but it would take a considerable amount of riding. Only you know your schedule, so you need to check.
You can go to Hyperdia and just plug in your starting point and end point, plus date/time that you like. But be sure under "More Options" to deselect "Nozomi..." since you can't ride that on the Pass.
Inter-city travel though is not so high. Visiting Himeji would be though, and offer a lot of savings.
If it is not cost effective, you can just buy regular fare tickets, which are not very expensive. Going to Kansai Int'l however is considerably high.

Good Luck.


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