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Traveling from Nagoya to Takawana (1 night stay), then go to Kanazawa (1 night stay), take bust to Shirakawa-go (1 night stay) and then before travel to Kyoto we have one night open...
Considering the area, JR possibilities (with the pass) and in view that we would go from there to Kyoto, where would you suggest we use/spend last night? thanks a lot! kind regards Ana Maria


Hi there,

Kyoto offers plenty to stay a night there, if you do want to go somewhere, then Nara, Kobe, Osaka are great options. If you want to travel a bit further, visit Himeji or even Hiroshima.

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Hi, thanks for return!
Yes Kyoto is on schedule for later, as well Nara and Osaka, and later Hiroshima;
didn't planned KOBE but would check now you talk about it ;)

Maybe i didn't explained well what i was looking for help, lets see
Day 1: Nagoya to Takawana (1 night stay),
Day 2: Takawana - Kanazawa (1 night stay)
Day 3: Kanazawa - Shirakawa-go (1 night stay)

Day 4 - OPEN - nothing confirmed, suggestions to go near by?? return to Takawana? return to Kanazawa for overnight?

Day 5 - travel to Kyoto

So our night after Shirakawa-go is still to confirmed, what would you suggest?

Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,
Ana Maria


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