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Hi, I'm thinking of buying a 7-day-JR pass for my trip on Mar6-Mar10. My trip will be as follow and I wonder if JR pass cover all these.
- Haneda airport >> Shinagawa - Shinagawa >> Kawazu>>Shinagawa - Shinagawa>> Haneda airport for a flight to Takamatsu (Shikoku) - Takamatsu >> Kyoto - Kyoto>> Shinagawa -Shinagawa>> Hakone>>Shinagawa -Shinagawa>> Haneda airport

                   Thank you

Hi there,

Yes the JR Pass will cover travel between all these places (excluding the flight).

In terms of ticket prices you are about even.

Haneda - Shinagawa ¥ 650
Shinagawa - Kawazu ¥ 7,030
Kawazu - Shinagawa ¥ 7,030
Shinagawa - Haneda ¥ 650
Takamatsu - Kyoto ¥ 7,330
Kyoto - Tokyo ¥ 13,600

For a total of ¥ 29,260 while the 7 day JR Pass is 29,110. If you have not yet booked the flight to Shikoku, then you could consider traveling my rail and you would make very good savings. Although the difference in price is small you can also use the JR Pass for local travel in Tokyo and also works as a single tickets for all your travel.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much for such a prompt reply. I think I'll buy one anyway. Thank you again for your advice.


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