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surprise trip for boyfriends birthday

Surprise trip for boyfriends birthday


I'm planning a surprise trip for my partners 30th Birthday and would like to check whether this initerary works and the travel times?

27th to 30th March 15, in Tokyo
30th travel to Takayama
Stay in Takayama until the 1st April, then travel to Kyoto.
3rd April travel to Kinosaki, spend the night there and then travel back to Kyoto on the 4th April.
4th to 7th in Kyoto (including a day trip to Nara)
Travel back to Tokyo on the 7th, leave for home on the 9th.

I wonder whether it is worth going to Takayama or whether we should go straight to Kyoto and do more day trips? and potentially go back to Tokyo earlier and do a day trip to Hakone?

Any help/advice would be very appreciated!



Hi Siobhan,

I am going to have to ask my girlfriend to have a look at this and give her a strong hint that we should do the same!

As for the itinerary, it looks very good. The routing is good and there is no unnecessary travel involved. Also I love the visit to Kinosaki-Onsen, be sure to book a Ryokan there with a private bath!

Takayama is a beautiful small town and offers much in terms of tradition and the local Hida Beef is very good. Also the train ride between Nagoya - Takayama is very scenic and well worth making in itself. Personally I would leave it in - at the same time though - I can see that some extra time in Kyoto could be nice as well.

Hope this helps,

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