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suggested itinerary around tokyo for 5 days

Suggested Itinerary around Tokyo for 5 days

Hi, can someone help to plan my itinerary if these are the places I would like to cover with my family ( of 3 kids) while am in Tokyo. It would be for 5-6 days and the days are 12th-14th Dec(Thur, Fri, Sat) , (15th-18th Dec) Hakuba and 18th back to Tokyo. Depart home from Haneda on the 20th Dec ( 10pm flight).

  1. Disney Sea (Perhaps on fri, 13th Dec)
  2. Sensoji Buddist Temple and Nakamise Street
  3. Shinjuku Gyoen National Park
  4. Shinjuku street
  5. Rainbow bridge
  6. Amlux Toyota Auto Salon
    7 Yushukan Peace Musuem
  7. Roponggi Hills

Please feel free to add in places you suggest we should cover / visit if I have missed out any since we are around that area. Any other recommendations on streets to be visited while in Tokyo? Thanks


I personally much prefer Shibuya to Shinjuku - it's where the famous huge street crossing is that you see in the movies :). Depending on the age of your children you may also enjoy going over to Yokohama and walking the seafront, or visiting the Ghibli Museum. Finally, I can firmly recommend the Tokyo Skytree the tallest structure in Japan at over 2000ft. (It also has awesome icecreams at the viewing platform....)

Other than that it looks great!

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Thanks Mari for the suggestion

As Tokyo is a big city, can someone also help to plan on my itinerary as to where and what I should cover for each day according to its location so that I would not be running from one end to the other. The places I would like to cover is as above. Thanks a lot


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